Why Nano

Single Platform

Unlock the power of a next generation digital mortgage origination platform that will transform your customers and bankers lending experience from apply to unconditional approval.   

One platform to do it all, integrating best in class technology without the need for complex deep integrations. Turn on features in modularity and innovate at your pace.  

A centralised dashboard

At the heart of the banker experience is the Credit Workbench, which provides an incredibly powerful single view across all dimensions of a loan deal – from the property, loan details, credit score, serviceability and identity verification. The Workbench dynamically populates in real-time – based on the customer data entered, integrated 3rd party data sources (from banking, bureau and comprehensive credit reporting) and associated credit assessment calculations – to support the fastest loan decisioning capability in market. No need to switch between multiple screens and manual data sources. The underwriter has everything they need. Simple. Fast. Robust.  

The same single platform efficiencies and user experience benefits apply to other back-office functions including configuring product and pricing rules or credit engine decisioning rules.  

Superior unit economics

In a highly competitive operating environment, winning and retaining customers can come at the expense of healthy profit margins, and scaling your loan origination capacity often requires layering incremental cost and complexity into the process.

Cost Effective

With Nano’s solution you can take control of your loan processing and underwriting costs, drive material operating efficiencies and increase your loan profitability at scale. The platform offers a dynamic data-driven solution, real-time automated decisioning, paper-free processing and a single, integrated credit workbench for highly efficient exceptions management.

Lenders using Nano’s platform can take up to 70% of the cost out of their loan processing and underwriting operations, whilst freeing up resources to focus on high-value, revenue generating sales and retention activities.

Volume based pricing

Our transparent SaaS charging model is volume driven. This aligns your business drivers with your cost base. You pay per loan originated, aligning business outcomes to your cost base. Simple, transparent and fair.

Low risk implementation

At Nano, we understand that changing your origination system or implementing a new platform can be a daunting task, but with our solution, we make it simple and low risk. Our platform is designed to be modular, meaning you can start small and tackle one pain point at a time. You can then grow and expand the solution as your needs change and as you start to realise benefits. 

Flexibility is key

The platform is fully API-driven. This means that adding new modules to your existing environment is simple and our modern data mapping capabilities ensure that our platform will conform to your internal data environment, making integration seamless. 

Our platform is flexible and adaptable to your needs, making it the perfect solution for any business looking to streamline their loan processes.  

Transform with minimal impact

Many organisations will be engaged in long term, strategic transformation – such as core systems upgrade and replacement.  These transformation projects are important, but often rob the business of the ability to move with the market.  Nano’s platform has been designed to allow you to transform your lending experience and economics with minimal capital investment and without distracting resources from larger, long term programs of work. 

Best in class Risk & Compliance

The platform has been designed to be class leading in risk and compliance.  More than ever, regulators expect organisations to have clearly defined policies and controls and an ability to evidence compliance.  Nano’s platform has a range of features that you can be confident will ensure compliance whilst minimising the effort and cost involved:

Data Driven Decisioning

Our platform uses data-driven decisioning to create repeatable, predictable decisions. You’ll be able to rely on our platform to provide consistent, accurate results every time.

Reduced Human Error 

By automating the decision-making process, we reduce the risk of human error. This leads to more accurate and consistent results, ensuring that your decisions are based on the best possible information. 

Auditable by Design 

Our platform is auditable by design, which means that you can look back on all decisions made. This helps you improve your credit policy and identify areas for improvement. 

Role Hierarchies

Our platform includes role hierarchies to ensure compliance with delegation frameworks. This helps you maintain control over the decision-making process across all different case types – from simple to complex. 

Fully Certified

Our platform is fully certified, meeting ISO and SOC2 standards. You can be confident that your data is secure.

Seeing is believing


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